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Bamboo Cheese Board Cutting Utensils Explained

When getting a new cheese board, you’ll usually get four utensils. That’s certainly the case with an elegant bamboo cheese board. Having these utensils may be useful, but you need to know how to use them, right? You want to know what they’re for when using your board and sharing cheese with guests.

The four utensils are the cheese fork, flat knife, narrow plane knife, and the spade. They each have different uses, depending on the types of cheeses you prefer to eat and the way you want to cut them. Here’s a breakdown of each item and when they’re useful.

The Cheese Fork

The cheese fork is one of the most useful items in your bamboo cheese board. Like a normal fork, it can hold the cheese in place when you slice it with the knife. This item is also useful for the crumblier or the aged cheeses on the board, as it is sharp enough to break the items down.

You won’t need to add the fork with all your cheese servings. Consider it for the softer or medium-hard cheeses.

The Flat Knife

The flat cheese knife is an elegant piece of equipment for the crumbly cheeses. You can use it for cutting, shaving, cubing, and even chipping the food. The wider, flatter edge helps to prevent too much crumbling when it comes to chopping.

This knife can also be referred to as the chisel knife, and is popular for blue cheeses

The Narrow Plane Knife

When it comes to Camembert, Brie, and other soft cheeses, you’ll want to consider using the Narrow Plane Knife. This is also a good option for firmer cheeses like Monterrey Jack and Cheddar.

This is one of the most common utensils you’ll use with your bamboo cheese board. It’s certainly worth putting out regardless of the cheeses you have as it’s so versatile.

The Spade

Finally, the spade. This is the most commonly used items and you’ll want to put it out every time you use your elegant cheese board. It does all the heavy-duty work, especially when it comes to your harder cheeses. You can slice, chop into wedges, and cut off larger chunks of the cheese if you wish.

It comes with a good handle for gripping, so you can put a little extra effort in if you need to. With a well-sharpened bamboo cheese board utensil set, you shouldn’t need to though!

While it’s called the spade, many people view this one as a knife. It indicates the best way to use it.

A bamboo cheese board is a beautiful and elegant gift for friends and family members. It makes a beautiful wedding gift or milestone birthday gift. You can also just get it for yourself if you’re a cheese lover. By knowing how to use the utensils, you’ll have the right tool for the job and be able to enjoy the whole set every time you use it.

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