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About us

Welcome to SPEShh! We provide home décor and kitchen products that are specifically created and chosen with each of our customers in mind. We love creating products that provide our customers with an opportunity to showcase what is special about them. Our products is also a platform for our customers to connect and share their loves with those they care about. Our goal is for SPEShh to be a marketplace for customers who wish to purchase items that are simple and modern but functional, but also personify what is unique about them. 

We are living with a hectic life, busy with our jobs, busy with our family, busy with handling our finance etc. we all want to slow down and spend quality time to enjoy a simpler and inspirational lifestyle.

Simple living doesn't mean we need to give up our lifestyle. You are special and nobody knows you better than yourself. Just simply create a special moment for yourself. Sometimes simple living is not necessary to be complicated.

​Your happiness and joyfulness can simply come from the very simple thing. Just like having a slice of cheese. It can just be simple as that and we would love to share a whole board of happiness with you, the special you.

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