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  • What to do if my product arrives damaged?
    If your product arrives damaged, please send us an email directly to We will take care of the issues right away. Please accept our sincere apology.
  • How to care my bamboo cheese board?
    Clean your product before first use. Always rinse the board with water and dry it well thoroughly with a clean dish towel. Please Do NOT wash the cheese board in the dishwasher. Please Do NOT immerse the cheese board in water any longer than necessary. Visit our blog for more information.
  • How do I register to test new products from SPEShh?
    You are absolutely fabulous! If you want to help us testing new products, please register your interest below
  • Do I use the polished side of the slate?
    Absolutely! We only use the polished side of the slate. Don't wait. Start creating your stunning cheese platter to impress your guest.
  • Is slate easy to break?
    Slate is very strong. It is very hard and durable but it is likely to break if it is hit sharply by something hard or dropped on a hard surface. A normal slate can handle having dozens of times it own weight on top of it. If you treat your slate like you would any dish or glass from your kitchen, your slate will be perfectly fine!
  • Is slate food safe?
    Not all slate is food-safe. Our slate is FDA approved. As long as they are washed and kept clean, they are food safe. However no slate is food-safe if it is not properly cleaned between uses. Just treat your slate like any plate used for serving food,
  • What is the use of each cutting utensils?
    The four utensils are the cheese fork, flat knife, narrow plane knife, and the spade. They each have different uses, depending on the types of cheeses you prefer to eat and the way you want to cut them. Please visit our blog for more information.
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