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SPEShh Set of 2 Acacia Wooden Serving Trays - Rectangular Oval Shaped Wood Plates for Charcuterie Cheese Bread Fruit Vegetable Dip Sushi Food - Rustic Serving Platter Shallow Dishes - 14x7" & 11x5.5"

Unique design for every occasion

Beautiful yet practical. SPEShh.. 

Authentic Acacia Wooden Serving Trays


Functional & Decorative Dinnerware

A Gorgeous Finish

Versatile & Multipurpose

A Thoughtful Gift



Do you want to level up your serving game with unique platters?

Sometimes, all you need to make sure the food you serve stands out is a simple and reliable serving tray. And if you're looking for dinnerware, it's important to choose something that won't tarnish, fade, or lose its beauty over time.

While ornate plates may tempt you, there's nothing like going back to the basics with a handcrafted wooden serving tray. Unfortunately, not all of them are made with the craftsmanship your kitchen deserves. Luckily, our product brings value in both form and function.

Serve food platters and organize small trinkets with the SPEShh Set of 2 Acacia Wooden Serving Trays.

A truly unique set of wooden serving trays, our Acacia wood platters are not only whittled down to a unique oblong shape, but they're also handmade. Because they're made of real wood the platters feature grain and color variations, so no two pieces are exactly the same.

Smooth all around, you won't find splinters, chips, or rough edges on our serving trays. There'll be no sharp burrs to snag on your food!

Lastly, these serving trays are made to last a very long time. Cut from Acacia, a wood known for its superb strength, these platters are strong and sturdy. They're also completely food-safe and won't absorb any grease or oil from the treats you're serving, making them super easy to clean!

Here are more reasons to love our wood serving platters:

- Won't break easily
- Great home decor pieces
- Can be used to serve any kind of food
- The ideal housewarming and holiday gift for home owners

Serve your dishes in style. Add the SPEShh Set of 2 Acacia Wooden Serving Trays to your cart TODAY!

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