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SPEShh Acacia Wooden Serving Board on Stand – Contemporary Raised Wooden Serving Platter – Elegant Hand-Finished Home Décor Counter Shelf Organizer & Cheese Charcuterie Board - 21.5 X 6 x 8.7 inches

Unique design for every occasion

Beautiful yet practical. SPEShh.. 

Authentic Acacia Wooden Serving Board

Convenient Kitchen Organizer

Impress Your Guests

Easy to Assemble

Makes a Fantastic Gift



SPEShh Acacia Wooden Serving Board

Do you love hosting and catering for dinner parties and other special events and need new way to present some of your dishes?

Have you found yourself struggling to keep your kitchen counters and dinner table neatly organized?


If so, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Presenting ★SPEShh’s Raised Wooden Serving Platter★

Our wooden serving board is an ideal way to serve all of your favorite shareable dishes to friends, family, and party guests in an organized and unique way. We accomplish this by hand crafting our charcuterie platter from 100% natural and authentic Acacia wood and then providing each piece with a beautiful varnish finish. This careful finishing of the wood gives our Acacia wood serving platter a rustic yet contemporary style that makes it a fantastic piece of home and kitchen décor.


With our wooden serving board’s raised feet, it allows you to present shareable dishes and appetizers in an eye-catching fashion. This design also keeps your dinner table more organized, letting guests easily reach and select the food they want without any hassle. Our raised wooden serving platter’s design also makes it a convenient way to keep your spices, preservatives, coffee, and other jarred or bottled items in one easy to find place, keeping your counters neat and tidy.

Product Details

  • Measures 21.5" X 6" x 8.7" when put together, making it the perfect size for carrying and presenting 3-4 small to medium sized dishes to dinner guests

  • Makes a fantastic cheese charcuterie board for more sophisticated banquets

  • Comes with easy to follow and colored instructions to setup is quick and hassle free

  • Comes in lovely gift packaging that makes it perfect to gift out to friends, family, and loved ones for the holidays, birthdays, and other special events

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