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A Complete Party Hosting Checklist

The perfect host is one who is able to pull-off a hassle-free party. But you cannot do that without a checklist that you could tick off as the party begins to materialize. If you try to do it without a checklist, you may end up with a lot of stress.

Here is a complete party hosting checklist to help you be the best host ever:

  1. Depending on who the party is for, prepare a list of possible guests.

  2. Decide on a date and mark it on your calendar.

  3. Send out the invitations, either by phone, email or mail.

  4. What will the menu look like? Include the beverages.

  5. Prepare the shopping list for decorations, paper goods, and food.

  6. Plan a cooking schedule, complete with what you can cook in advance, on a material day, or buy ready made.

  7. What equipment will you need? Do you need to rent tables and chairs?

  8. How do you want the layout of the room to be? The arrangement should ensure the furniture is in the right places while allowing for the free flow of human traffic.

  9. What type of music will you be playing?

  10. Get the lighting right.

  11. Put in place decorations such as a centerpiece.

  12. Make sure you have all the supplies required for cleaning prior to and after the party.

  13. Arrange for the platters and serving utensils you will require during the party.

How to Set Up a Cheese Platter

If you are looking for the perfect icebreaker for your party guests, you may want to try cheese. It doesn’t matter how elaborate your cheese platters are. What will dictate the type of platter you are able to set up is the amount of money you have.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Selecting the Cheese

What type of cheese are you planning to serve your guests? Is it the ordinary or high-end kind? You may want to serve up to 6 types of cheese to provide a variety of textures and flavors.

Step 2. Picking the Utensils and Platters

You can serve cheese on a dinner plate, serving platter, plastic tray, marble slab, cheese dome or a bamboo cutting board. Place the knives in a place where the guests can access them and even serve themselves.

Step 3. Presentation of the Cheese Platter

This doesn’t require you to be a culinary expert. You can start by placing the cheese on the platter and then add in some garnishes. You may want to put a fruit in the middle of a platter and the cheese around it.

Remove rind on two sides of a wedge-shaped piece of cheese for easy cutting. If the cheese is rounded, cut out a small wedge to give your guests an idea of how they will cut it. Where you intend to serve 3 or more types of cheese, don’t display all of them on a single platter.

Where each of your guests will get a cheese plate, ensure the pieces are arranged from the mildest to the strongest. If it is one large platter, this shouldn’t worry you much. As the party progresses, keep checking that the platter is not in total disarray.

Making a cheese platter is simple and easy. Check out our latest cheese board design here


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