What Are The Best Cheese Accompaniments?

There are two types of cheese accompaniments, namely food that’s eaten with cheese and condiments that do well with certain cheeses. They include the following: Bread - Bread of whatever kind can be served to a great effect together with cheese. Whether it is made from wheat, nuts or oatmeal, bread has an almost neutral flavor that goes well with that of cheese. Crackers - Are you serving crackers as a dessert, appetizer or snack? Why don’t you pair it with your choicest cheese? In the group of crackers that go down well with cheese, you should include biscuits of all types. Cured meat - Are planning to serve one of the rare specialty meats? If ‘yes’, then consider including cheese on the sa

How to Care for Your Slate and Bamboo Cheese Board

Among the kitchen tools you need, a cheese board is among the things you should have. From serving cheeses to crackers, to dried meats, these tools offer you an ample place to add that special touch in any family or social gathering. To make sure they remain in the best condition, you need to know how to clean and maintain them. Here are tips to help you care for your cutting board. Wipe your cheese board Always makes sure you wipe your slate or Bamboo cheese board using dry and clean rags. Before using the bamboo board, rinse thoroughly with warm clean water with a clean, dry rag to dust off the bamboo board. However, for the slate on the bamboo cheese aboard, normal washing won’t get the

How to Serve and Store Cheese

You have an important occasion in which cheese features as the main appetizer. How do you serve it so that your guests get a feel of its great taste? There are a few things you may want to consider as you prepare the cheese for serving your guests. First, a good tasting cheese is that which includes the interior as well as the rind. Therefore, cut the cheese according to its form. By all means, avoid serving cheese cubes as the once from the center will taste different from that from the rind. “Ideally, the cheese should be at room temperature at the time of serving it.” What Temperature Should Cheese Be Served At? It is not advisable to serve cheese cold since that prevents all the natural

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