Bamboo Cheese Board Cutting Utensils Explained

When getting a new cheese board, you’ll usually get four utensils. That’s certainly the case with an elegant bamboo cheese board. Having these utensils may be useful, but you need to know how to use them, right? You want to know what they’re for when using your board and sharing cheese with guests. The four utensils are the cheese fork, flat knife, narrow plane knife, and the spade. They each have different uses, depending on the types of cheeses you prefer to eat and the way you want to cut them. Here’s a breakdown of each item and when they’re useful. The Cheese Fork The cheese fork is one of the most useful items in your bamboo cheese board. Like a normal fork, it can hold the cheese in p

Cheese lovers masterclass - all about cheese variety!

Cheese can be said to be one of favorite foods in the whole world. Cheese lover is even more fascinating for cheese in all seasons. In the summer, I love the best wines with cheese. I love the cheese fondue in winter and add warmth to the winter. The reason why cheese is popular is that it is rich in nutrients and rich in variety. But as a cheese-lover, in addition to know how to taste cheese, you also need to know all kinds of knowledge about cheese, such as how to distinguish the type of cheese, as well as its nutritional value, always eat healthy is the most important! What affects the taste of cheese? Cheese is mainly made from milk, and the source is mainly from cattle, buffalo, goats a

A Complete Party Hosting Checklist

The perfect host is one who is able to pull-off a hassle-free party. But you cannot do that without a checklist that you could tick off as the party begins to materialize. If you try to do it without a checklist, you may end up with a lot of stress. Here is a complete party hosting checklist to help you be the best host ever: Depending on who the party is for, prepare a list of possible guests. Decide on a date and mark it on your calendar. Send out the invitations, either by phone, email or mail. What will the menu look like? Include the beverages. Prepare the shopping list for decorations, paper goods, and food. Plan a cooking schedule, complete with what you can cook in advance, on a mate

How a Bamboo Cheese Board is made?

Do you want to know how a bamboo cheese board is made? You don’t have to be a geek to pull it off. The following are the steps involved: Step 1. Bamboo Harvesting Bamboo is harvested using a knife, machete, or saw. Heavier equipment may be required to harvest it on an industrial scale. The manual harvesting process ensures the pieces come out intact and ready for use to make various products. Step 2. Making Bamboo Strips At this stage, the bamboo is cut into lengthwise strips of equal width. You may do this in a factory using heavy-duty machinery or on a smaller scale with handheld tools. This process basically opens up the bamboo and makes it ready to use. Step 3. Carbonization Once the bam

Why Use Bamboo as Materials for Products?

The popularity of bamboo as a material for construction and making furniture has been growing. Traditionally, bamboo has been used to make furniture by the Chinese. Apart from making furniture’s structural framework, the pulp of this fast-growing plant can be used to make upholstery fabric. The following are the benefits of bamboo as a material for making different products: Eco-friendly. It is possible to grow bamboo without fertilizers and pesticides. After all, it has a tough outer coating and grows very fast. Strong and flexible. The reasons bamboo is widely used is its strength and flexibility. As furniture materials, bamboo has the ability to bend and is comfortable to sit on. Lightwe

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