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How a Bamboo Cheese Board is made?

Do you want to know how a bamboo cheese board is made? You don’t have to be a geek to pull it off.

The following are the steps involved:

Step 1. Bamboo Harvesting

Bamboo is harvested using a knife, machete, or saw. Heavier equipment may be required to harvest it on an industrial scale. The manual harvesting process ensures the pieces come out intact and ready for use to make various products.

Step 2. Making Bamboo Strips

At this stage, the bamboo is cut into lengthwise strips of equal width. You may do this in a factory using heavy-duty machinery or on a smaller scale with handheld tools. This process basically opens up the bamboo and makes it ready to use.

Step 3. Carbonization

Once the bamboo has been reduced to strips, it is taken through the carbonization process. This involves pressure-steaming the bamboo strips. The length of time it takes to carbonize bamboo determines how darker and softer it becomes. It is advisable not to overdo it.

Step 4. Inspection and Grading

After going through carbonization, the bamboo is said to be purified. After inspection, it is sorted and graded. The bamboo strands are then dried in a kiln to remove any traces of moisture. It is then milled to make fine, uniform strips.

Step 5. Lamination

At this stage, the bamboo strips laminated together to form blocks or sheets. This could be using UV rays, heat or glue. The lamination can either be done vertically or horizontally. Lamination ensures there is little or no shrinkage and swelling like is the case with solid wood panels.

Step 6. Making the Final Cheese Board

To produce a cheese board, the laminated blocks or sheets of bamboo are taken through machines to make the end product. After all these processes, a bamboo cheese board is ready to serve your favorite cheeses.

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