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How to Care for Your Slate and Bamboo Cheese Board

Among the kitchen tools you need, a cheese board is among the things you should have. From serving cheeses to crackers, to dried meats, these tools offer you an ample place to add that special touch in any family or social gathering. To make sure they remain in the best condition, you need to know how to clean and maintain them. Here are tips to help you care for your cutting board.

Wipe your cheese board

Always makes sure you wipe your slate or Bamboo cheese board using dry and clean rags. Before using the bamboo board, rinse thoroughly with warm clean water with a clean, dry rag to dust off the bamboo board. However, for the slate on the bamboo cheese aboard, normal washing won’t get the stains out. Wash them with warm soapy water and dry using a towel before applying a few drops of oil with a clean rag and gently rub the surface.

Avoid soaking

Soaking your cheese board for an hour might messes your cheese board. It could open the natural fibers in your cheese board and cause splitting. It’s always recommended to wash Bamboo and slate using warm, soapy water and rinse. If a board is mistakenly submerged in water, dry it off immediately with a towel.

“Always makes sure you wipe your slate or Bamboo cheese board using dry and clean rags”

Don’t use the dishwasher to clean your cheese board

Slate and bamboo cheese boards should be washed immediately after use. Avoid the dishwater completely as it will deteriorate the boards and cause irreparable damage. The water and the heat will cause the glues to deteriorate. Hot water will also cause cracks to form in the board and these become the ideal place for bacteria and odor to enter the bamboo board.

Place it upright or on a horizontal surface

After washing always place your cheese board upright or on a horizontal surface to allow them to dry before you store them. This process prevents moisture and bacteria from accumulating. This also help to prevent warping.

Avoid using chemical, bleach or alcohol when washing

If you notice any strange odor on your cheese board, using chemical, bleach or even alcohol won’t help that much. In fact, it will destroy your board. Wiping them using baking soda and lemon juice is a better option.

Oil your cheese board

In addition to cleaning, don’t forget to oil your chess board at least once every month or whenever the board looks dry. Treat your boards using mineral oils. A generous amount applied using a clean, dry cloth will help preserve your board. Apply the oil and allow it to sit for hours, before wiping the excess oil off.

Bonus tips

  • Do not place any hot cooking utensils on your bamboo board.

  • After use, gently remove any food with a plastic scraper. Avoid using metal scrub brushes as it would damage the board. Do not use harsh detergents, vinyl solvents, abrasive cleansers, scouring pads or ketones or substances containing aromatic hydrocarbons to clean your board and accessories

  • Note that the cutting board should not be placed in direct sunlight, avoid excessive drying of the cheese board.

  • Store your bamboo bard in a cool dry area. Avoid exposure to excessive heat or extreme dampness. Excessive dryness or humidity can cause cracking

As you have noticed, there are just a few tips that when done completely will help you take care of your cheese board properly. These simple steps will help retain your board natural beauty and bring enjoyment when using them.

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